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Bank of North Dakota has been helping people achieve their postsecondary education dreams since 1967. As a state-owned bank, a student loan is the only type of loan we offer directly to the public. Maintain all other banking and financial management activities with your current financial institution and let BND provide interest rates that are usually lower than your other options.

In addition to loans for students while in school or training, BND offers options for qualified borrowers to refinance student loans after graduating.

Military Benefits

BND says “Thank you” to those who serve and sacrifice through their military service. As a student loan servicer we recognize that your military service may provide certain benefits associated with your loan(s).

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Find required applications to request the following options (availability may depend on your loan type): deferments (student, military, hardship), forbearance, cancellations (for Federal Perkins loans), payment authorizations, or name change requests.

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1098 Tax Forms

Tax time! Download your 1098-E & 1098-T forms to retrieve your student loan interest paid and your tuition expenses. Forms are available if your institution participates in these BND services.

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Everyone has questions and we have the answers! View frequently asked questions from customers like yourself.

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